Hey loves!

Thanks for taking the time to read about me :) 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is my hometown and I come from a big, loud Italian family. I am the oldest of 3 and am the stereotypical oldest child - bossy, full of ideas, and a goal crusher. My parents were on the strict side - we rarely had candy in the house, didn’t drink soda and I didn’t see anything on MTV until I was 15 (probably why I have a TV obsession now!)

As kids though, we definitely tried to sneak some of our favorite things - my sister and brother would eat fish crackers and gummies by the handful but for me - I was the “big” sibling, the one that got the “wrong” genes and had to be very, very careful about what I ate and was hyper aware of this BUT I was actually really confident in myself. I loved who I was and didn’t care what anyone else thought and it was really freaking freeing to just focus on what you wanted to - not thinking about how you looked or what others thought of you. 

College definitely changed that - the Freshman 15 is no joke, right? On top of that, I was definitely trying to figure out my place in the world - which is it’s own challenge. Jumping in to the “real world” was a bit of shock to me - throw in 3 life changing moves in 5 years, a long distance relationship and just the regular amount of bullship that comes from being a woman in corporate America (plus my victim mindset) and I found myself in a very negative space. I lost SO much of my confidence, I lost who I was and I gained over 30 pounds in the process. 

I’ll never forget the day in a fitting room when it all came to head. I was shopping for some new clothes for an upcoming trip to Jamaica. One of my girlfriends from college happened to be in Orlando (where I live now) at the time and she came with me. 

It wa a devastating trip. Nothing fit me the way I wanted it to - I couldn’t stand the way I looked in a bikini and felt completely disheartened. I was mortified when I ended up having to buy an all black tankini that I felt horrible in - but felt like I didn’t have any other choice. My friend was super loving and encouraging but she also said: “G, I don’t get it - this just isn’t you” and she was right. It wasn’t just the fact that I didn’t feel at home in my body because of my weight - it was also because I felt like I was a shell of myself - it was if I didn’t know who I was anymore. And that day was my rock bottom. 

I knew that day that I had to take my life BACK and I took drastic steps - spent a good chunk of money and even more time investing in myself. 

It took 4 months before I lost a single pound. It took almost a year to get to the weight that felt right for me. It took planning, dedication and an amazing support system to get there. 


It took me longer to look in the mirror and love myself. I had some serious shame around allowing myself to “get lost”. I had to cry, I had to release and I had to look at myself in the mirror and learn to love what was looking back. I was strong, I had accomplished so much and I had found ME. 

Learning this about myself, shedding the layers to let loose the light I had inside - changed my entire life. My body changed - but most importantly, my mindset changed. So many other things fell in place from there, a new chapter in my relationship Jeff, I had the courage to leave a job I hated and finally do what I love. I was more open to the people around me and more trusting in my choices. 

By stepping in to my own power, I can now do anything I want. 

My mission in life is to help every, single woman feel this same way! (Yes, it is possible!)  

No matter what your stories is or where you are in life - you have SO MUCH to gain. You are more powerful than you know.



5 Fun

(&Very Random)

Facts About Me

  1. My biggest food vice is vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and M&M’s (oooh- I want some now!) and red wine. All the wine, please.

  2. I am TV obsessed - I used to keep a spreadsheet with TV Shows, Channels and Times. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alias and Gilmore Girls are shows that I still can’t get enough of.

  3. I am probably one of the most competitive people around - just ask my husband ;)

  4. My parents sent my siblings and I to a Spanish Immersion school and so all 3 of us are fluent in Spanish. When we were kids, we loved speaking to each other in Spanish because my parents didn’t understand!

  5. I have a complete, paralyzing fear of Sharks - I used to be deathly afraid of pools because of this fear and still don’t really know how to swim.

BONUS - I believe that you can always DANCE your way into a good day!!