Your Story is holding you back - how to write a new one.

Today, I want to get a little deeper with you. Let’s talk about Your Story.

What is “Your Story”?

Your Story are the truths, lies and tales that you tell yourself about who you are because of things that have happened in your past or are happening in your present. Your Stories can affect how you operate every day and definitely play a role in the future you see for yourself.

In my life, I’ve had several stories:

  • I am the fat sibling, with the bad genes and I will never be in shape

  • I am the honest friend, that one that keeps it real - and people don’t like me because of that

  • I will always be the person to give love, but I won’t ever find people to give it back

These Stories are lived, breathed and believed in. These were my truths and I held so tightly to them that I couldn’t imagine who I could be without them. Those 3 sentences formed every decision that I made, every step I took (or didn’t take) and every relationship I had.

For all different reasons, these Stories of mine had developed - I knew where they came from but I didn’t know how to stop making them true for me. I knew that I wanted something different but didn’t know how to get there.

Then I realized that all the answers were already inside of me - I just had to do the work. I had to love on these stories because they were a part of me, they had some truth to them but they didn’t have to always be true. Once I realized this, I could let them go.

What are the stories that you tell yourself? What truths are you choosing to live in but so desperately want to change?  Take a few moments and write down what comes to mind when you ask yourself these questions.

Once you write them out, I want you to think about why these stories have been true for you and where they come from. Accept the fact that they are part of you but DO NOT define you.

Now, this is the fun part - take some time and jot down what you WANT your stories to be. What your future self looks like, how she feels and acts. There are no limits here and no reason for perfection. Just get it all out.

Mine look like this:

  • I am the woman that moves her body for pleasure and for mental health. That loves kales, cauliflower and zucchini just as much as she loves pizza, ice cream and wine.

  • I love who I am and being transparent and real is part of that. The people in my life love me for me.

  • I am the person that will never stop giving out her love, no matter what. I am so blessed to have people in my life that give me so much in return.  

Do you remember the “Choose Your Own Ending” Goosebump books from when we were kids? At the end of each chapter, you would make a choice and then that choice would take you to another page in the book. Your success in the story depending on the choices you made. The cool thing about these books were, if you didn’t like the outcome, you could ALWAYS go back and CHOOSE AGAIN. I would definitely always pick the outcome where I was the hero of the story.

Your Story is the exact same way. You can rewrite your story however you want. It can have the middle and ending that you’ve been wishing for. You get to be the HERO of Your Story.

All you need to do is reframe your thoughts, choose again and pick the Story you want to tell.

I always love to hear from you so feel free to share your stories with me!

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